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Great Lakes Working Dogs prides ourselves on producing the all purpose K-9 athlete and family pet. We think long and hard and over analize what we will be producing. Then and only then we breed. Our promise to you as either an exsisting customer or a new one, that you will get the very best money can buy on a working class budget. Please click around the website or give me a call. I would love to discuss your next investment with you.


We are big fans of the British Labrador. We also have started to figure out due to the nature of where us Americans hunt and how hard that terrain can be, we also feel the American Labrador has merit. We feel we have taken the best of both worlds and combined traits that would make any hunter, domestic and foriegn PROUD.  I like to say that we have taken the finess and natural game finding ability of the British dog and combined it with some raw American power and speed. I hope you think so too.


In addition to the Labradors our first love was the German Shepherd. It wasn't long after I discovered this breed that I figured out something was wrong. The American Shepherd has been over bred to the point that working ability is no longer existant. We pride ourselves on a very distint and ancient line of Shepherds and have gone to the farthest corners of the world to bring them into our kennel. Our dogs although will make wonderful family pets for an active family. They also excel in police/military applications as well as many dog sports. These dogs are no sissies and live to please. Feel free to put a bite sleeve on and see for yourself.


Thanks again and God Bless.

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